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Notes of a Dream

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The first-ever definitive biography of a living legend of music

we know A R Rahman's music. but do we know the man? for the best time, the international music icon opens up about his deepest philosophies. from his early days of composing advertisement jingles to his first big break in cinema, from his keenness to integrate new technology with old-fashioned music scores to his founding a music school, from his resounding entry on to the international stage to his directorial debut, from his philanthropy to his inner life, NOTES OF A DREAM captures rahman's extraordinary journey with all the rhythm and melody, the highs and lows, of a terrific sound track.

featuring personal interviews with the soft-spoken virtuoso, as well as anecdotes from key people in his life, this uplifting, affectionate book offers the most intimate view of the man behind the music.
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